Explanation of payment and registration


1- Go to the website and click on the membership icon, click here

2- Enter your mobile number

3- Enter your mobile number (the mobile number has nothing to do with installing the store, only the number to inform you that your subscription is active)

4- After placing the verification, you will receive a text message or an email according to your choice of registration (enter the code and you will receive a text message)

5- Order the product (vip applications package) click the basket next to the product and then click the basket above

6- Then click on finish order

7- Choose the payment method (credit card - mada) when paying online, the activation will be done automatically, meaning you pay and install the store quickly (if you transfer the amount by bank transfer, go to step No. 9)

-1- Choose the type of payment

-2- The name on the card

-3- The number written on the card

-4- The cvc number on the back of the card

-5- Enter the month of the card expiry

-6- Enter the year of the card expiry

-7- Click Finish Order (make sure that your card has a balance and that the online payment is also activated)

Continue to explain the card in number 8

Mada Payment (your personal ATM card)

8- Explanation of the card (Visa - Mada

After payment and deduction of the amount, click on the bell icon above and you will find the order and in front of it (completed) click on it and you will enter the order page and find the code keep it

You will also receive a text message with the code