Foreign number [US - British]

2.70 USD 1.35 USD

Important note: The product sold is not refundable or exchangeable

Terms of Service:

  • The required information must be placed correctly and we are not responsible for any error from the customer
  • The amount of 5 riyals is the payment and service fees, and it is added to the value of the requested service
  • The number is to send the code to link to the communication sites. It is for one time only. After purchase, we will send you the link code, then you will bear your exit from the number. If you want a complete link, contact the sales number No. 1
  • If you want larger quantities or speed up the service, contact the sales on the following numbers

Explanation of playing in Conker

sales 1

2 . sales

For your after-sales service or any inquiries

Technical support

  • 2.70 USD 1.35 USD

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