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Terms and Conditions

Store terms and conditions:

  • The subscriber is not entitled to refund the subscription amount after subscribing because Apple's policy does not cancel any device that has been registered

  • If the device changes, you must subscribe again, because Apple's policy does not accept the modification or deletion of the subscription

  • Subscriptions guarantee is one year from the date of activation of the ViP subscription code

  • The store is not responsible for adjusting the settings of the Plus programs, but it will only be explained

  • Renewal is one month before the end of the subscription according to the laws of Apple

  • When you block any application from the application company, we seek to find solutions, so wait for the solution through the means of technical support

  • The store is not responsible for banning games and others because downloading hacks is under your responsibility (only the warranty on devices that are sold from our store)

  • The Apple Plus store is not responsible for any unauthorized distributor with us * Important point

  • When you pay the subscription for a device, it is not possible to change the device or modify the subscription on another device according to the policy of Apple * An important point

  • The store does not bear any remittance transferred to accounts not listed on the site *Important point

  • The store is not responsible for banning accounts, whether in PUBG or others. The installation of a PUBG game or any program is at your risk, and the store does not bear any responsibility in that * An important point